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In addition to running two Vistage groups, Nina also offers executive coaching and team facilitation in a wide variety of formats.

Individual Executive Coaching Programs

  • Monthly one-to-ones focusing on strategy, goal setting, process improvement, development of human capital, conflict resolution, leadership development, and much, much more. Ideal for:
    • Owners and decisions makers of businesses with less than two million in annual sales
    • Owners and decision makers of start up companies
    • Key level executives of businesses of any size
  • One day intensive focusing on long-term business and/or career strategy

Team Coaching and Facilitation Programs

  • Team building all day intensive – this program is custom designed depending on the issues and makeup of the team
  • Family owned business teams and boards, half or all day intensives – this program is custom designed depending on the issues of the business and the family; with her background, Nina is uniquely qualified to help family owned businesses untangle the business and family issues so they can achieve greater success and more harmonious personal lives

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From My Vistage Members:

Vistage has helped me in many ways. The speakers are a great opportunity to learn and become part of a “continuing education”. The opportunity to share ideas and business strategies with peers is invaluable, as the feedback and ideas that come out of a group discussion cannot be found anywhere else. The one to one’s that each member receives with Nina is a great opportunity to gain additional coaching on both business issues as well as personal development issues.

Bob, runs $4B distribution company