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Nina Atwood, M.Ed., LPC, has over twenty four years’ experience in the field of psychology and human relations, over ten of them as an executive coach and facilitator for executive teams.

Nina facilitates a think tank of CEOs, presidents, and owners of small to mid-cap businesses for Vistage International ( The group meets monthly in all day sessions focusing on strategy, goal setting, process improvement, development of human capital, conflict resolution, and much, much more.

Nina facilitates the group’s brainstorming sessions and brings in keynote level speakers on every business topic imaginable. In between group meetings, Nina spends two hours each month with each member in one-on-one executive coaching sessions.

Nina also runs a similar think tank comprised of key level executives for Vistage, with the same monthly group format.

Nina’s experience coaching executives is extensive, and encompasses the following:

One on one coaching with presidents, owners, and key level executives focusing on some or all of the following

  • Leadership
  • Development of and accountability with direct report relationships
  • Facilitation of alignment in direct report teams
  • Execution
  • Efficiency in executive functions (more work, less time)
  • Relationships with Board members
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Relationships with equity partners
  • Key client relationships
  • Life balance (stress management)
  • Exit strategy

One on two coaching for key partnership relationships (i.e., joint owners, joint venture partners, joint equity partners, etc.) focusing on:

  • Alignment
  • Communication
  • Development and execution of joint strategy
  • Development of alignment in leadership with the rest of the organization

Group coaching and facilitating for management teams, executive teams, shareholders, and boards, focusing on one or more of the following:

  • Alignment
  • Team building
  • Strategic planning
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution


  • B.A. Psychology, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Masters in Counseling Education, Texas Women’s University

Let’s discuss how my Vistage group and coaching programs can help you achieve more.
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From My Vistage Members:

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback today. I am sure that you know this already, but you are very effective. Not only do you have a unique ability to identify the heart of the issue and root causes, but your ability to be honest in your assessment and hold the individual accountable without alienating him or her is truly special. The discussion today was very helpful for me and helped me to refocus on my issues and what I can control. I know I can ramble on, but I am lucky to have a coach that knows how to see the forest through all of those trees. Thank you for your help. I really do believe your feedback and guidance will help me develop a roadmap for improvement and make me a better person, husband, father, and leader.

Jim, runs $28M health care business

Vistage has helped me personally and as a CEO of my company. I have been challenged by the group and had my eyes opened that there is always more than one way to see an issue or problem. It has always helped me by having the feedback from our group when processing an issue. The speakers that attend our group sessions have been right on target for many issues I face every day within my company. It would cost many times over to attend sessions with this level of speakers. The one to one attention we get from Nina has been even more rewarding since she takes an unbiased approach at dealing with issues that are keeping me up at night, whether personal or business. I believe we have improved as a business since my membership in Vistage.

Joe, runs $225M manufacturing and distribution company