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Nina Atwood, executive coach and CEO roundtable facilitator for Vistage, is dedicated to your success and that of your organization.

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Get Real Feedback

Highly effective leaders continually look for new ways to approach business, and they count on their successful peers to give them feedback that matters. They know it’s not enough to do things the way they always have, that it’s vital to change as the business landscape changes. They understand the value of coaching and seek it out so they can become better leaders, make better decisions, and get better results.

Get “Answers” Questioned

Leaders in a Vistage peer group trust their fellow members to question their answers and assumptions. Through powerful Vistage Chair led brainstorming sessions, they get to the heart of what works and what doesn’t. The result is better solutions and new pathways to greater success. Do you have the courage to invite a group of your peers to give you unvarnished feedback?
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Nina Atwood chairs a Dallas Vistage group of CEOs running companies ranging in size from five to over 250 million in sales. Find out why these leaders make time for Vistage every month – read their stories, see the results.

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